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Edelweiss Seal of Quality | Rated Private Lodgings in Tyrol

Quality Guarantee for a Perfect Tyrolean Holiday

Members of our association are subject to strict quality controls. Seals of quality awarded by the Privatvermieter Verband Tirol serve as a guide to help you choose from the wide range of private accommodations available. We distinguish between 2, 3, 4 and 5 Edelweiss establishments, which must meet specific minimum criteria for quality and comfort.


Landlords of distinction – The Edelweiss seal of quality to ensure your high-quality holiday in the Tyrolean Alps


edelweiss tirolEdelweiß 2 Edelweiss

2-Edelweiss establishments offer cosy and basic rooms with a shower and WC or simply furnished apartments.


edelweiss tirolEdelweißEdelweiß 3 Edelweiss

These establishments offer comfortable rooms or apartments with a cosy, homely and intimate feel. To qualify for this distinction, tasteful materials must be used and the appropriate atmosphere created.


edelweiss tirolEdelweißEdelweißSuperior 3 Edelweiss Superior

The 3 edelweiss superior accommodation offers first-class accommodation and only misses the 4 edelweiss rating due to minor discrepancies in size, quality, or amenities (incl. possibility of online booking). If only one of the requirements for a 4 Edelweiss rating is not met, like the apartment not being fitted with a dishwasher for instance, the accommodation is awarded the second highest distinction of 3 Edelweiss superior.


edelweiss tirolEdelweißedelweiss tirolEdelweiß 4 Edelweiss

This distinction is awarded to first-class establishments (bookable online) that have extremely comfortable, tasteful and top-quality furnishings, a light, friendly and harmonious atmosphere and cater specifically to discriminate living requirements. They also feature high-quality furniture and flooring in immaculate, “as new” condition. Standard amenities include WLAN, dishwasher and vanity mirror.


edelweiss tirolEdelweißedelweiss tirolEdelweißEdelweiß 5 Edelweiss

This distinction is only awarded our most exclusive private lodgings (bookable online) with luxurious amenities and fittings, newly built or recently updated accommodation with modern features and first-class furnishings, as well as spacious room and apartment size. These exclusive private lodging accommodations include cable- or satellite TV in each room, private bathrooms, and glass partitions in the showers. In addition to the first-class accommodation, your hosts have impressed with their genuine hospitality and welcoming atmosphere at their home. Credit cards are also accepted.

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