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The alpine landscape of the Hohe Tauern, which includes the highest mountains in Austria, the Lienz Dolomites, or the Carnic Alps, as well as the picturesque valleys are suited perfectly for a holiday in the midst of this stunning alpine landscape. The East Tyrol region invites guests to enjoy fun activities, relaxation and wellness in this calming natural environment, explore Tyrolean nature, and a range of different types of sports activities. East Tyrol boasts 266 mountain peaks which are higher than 3,000 metres above sea-level. Many of these giants can be explored in the National Park Hohe Tauern, with some of the most famous mountains being the Großvenediger, and the Großglockner, which, at 3,798 metres above sea-level, is Austria's highest mountain. The Großglockner has been a popular mountain for hikers and mountaineers to climb for more than 200 years, starting during the pioneering era of mountaineering.

East Tyrol includes 33 towns and villages, which all have an unmistakable and unique charm and are mostly located on the sunny side of the Alps: Hopfgarten, Kals, Matrei, Prägraten, Schlaiten, St. Jakob, St. Johann, St. Veit und Virgen im Iseltal. Abfaltersbach, Anras, Ausservillgraten, Heinfels, Innervillgraten, Kartitsch, Obertilliach, Sillian, Strassen and Untertilliach in the East-Tyrolean Oberland region. Ainet, Amlach, Assling, Dölsach, Gaimberg, Iselsberg, Lavant, Leisach, Lienz, Nikolsdorf, Nussdorf/Debant, Oberlienz, Thurn and Tristach in the Lienz valley.

Hikers, mountaineers, climbers, as well as mountain bikers, bikers, and nature lovers will all fall in love with East Tyrol. The versatility of this region offers a fantastic holiday experience. No matter if you want to enjoy a gentle walk in this calming setting, a relaxed hike to a picturesque alpine pasture, or want to conquer the summit of one of the peaks, this region offers a wealth of opportunities for everyone. Highly qualified guides can take you to the most beautiful spots in East Tyrol. Some of the areas in the Defereggental valley are carefully preserved to keep the natural charm, and hikers delight when the Alpine Rose is in bloom offering a unique experience. The Villgratental valley is suited for all nature lovers who enjoy the peace and quiet far away from everyday life. Both these areas are still considered to be true insider's tips, far away from any materialistic luxuries, close to nature, ensuring unmeasurable bliss. East Tyrol is also renowned as a fantastic area for all bikers. Guests can choose from gentle, family-friendly paths, such as the Drauradweg or the Iselradweg bike paths, two of the most beautiful bike paths in all of Europe, to road bike routes, and challenging mountain bike trails in this unique alpine setting.

During winter, this fantastic region nestled in the mountains offers great fun and excitement on the slopes. With 7 excellent ski resorts and 150 kilometres of perfectly groomed slopes, skiers and snowboarder are sure to have a fantastic time. The Großglockner ski resort Kals-Matrei and the ski centre Sillian are renowned as first-class resorts. East Tyrol offers a range of exciting activities such as ski-mountaineering, and snowshoe-hiking. Explore the mountains at your own pace, and forge your own path through the glistening snow. One of the most important sports in East Tyrol is cross-country skiing. This area is one of only 7 regions in Tyrol classified as a cross-country ski specialized region, and offers all cross-country skiers a fabulous 400 kilometres of perfectly groomed tracks through the stunning winter scenery. The tracks are at the lowest point at 670 metres above sea-level, and there are even tracks located at 2,050 metres above sea-level, guaranteeing fantastic snow conditions.

The capital city of East Tyrol is Lienz, which entices with a magnificent Mediterranean ambience due to the proximity to Italy and the palm trees, which ensure a tropical vibe. The beautiful old-town offers attractions like the Liebburg castle, the Antoniuskirchl church, and lovely cafes and shops offering an alternative to the days exploring the mountains on foot, by bike, on skis or with the snowboard. A few kilometres away guests can enjoy cultural delights in Dölsach, where the museum Aguntum teaches all about the only Roman settlement discovered in Tyrol.

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